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Let’s talk about anything related to BJJ!

As you can already tell, we focus on bjj, wrestling, and grappling but you’ll also find bjj concepts and training tips.  If you’re looking for a new bjj gi, a review on a certain book, or some helpful ideas, you will probably find it here.

The goal of doyoubjj.com is to provide you guys with new ideas about bjj and grappling. This may include anything from concepts to techniques from half guard.  I enjoy learning just as much as I enjoy sharing knowledge. And I can learn from everybody.

I am glad you’re here.  Click around, share, participate!  Also – if you click the logo in the upper right corner of every page, you will return to the home page.

How can doyoubjj.com help your BJJ?

I guarantee that this site will:

  • Expand and improve your bjj and grappling games.
  • Introduce new bjj ideas, concepts, or viewpoints about Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mma.
  • Help kill time at work.
  • Provide you with helpful bjj links. They may help you, they may help me. We’ll see.
  • Touch on sensitive bjj subjects in a perhaps non-politically correct manner.

Home page =  bjj filing cabinet

See the category tabs across the top?  You can start there or in the sidebar you can see what posts are the most popular.

I should have seen the warning signs early on. I love, no need, structure. I used to collect baseball cards, I started when I was about 10 probably until I was 17. I still have them all, thousands. Over 20,000 last time I counted. I always had them in order. Of some sort. Value, or stats, year. Usually they were sorted multiple ways. Me and my best friend would get together all summer long to “sort.” Quite sad actually.

I need structure to this site. I am always tweaking it trying to grasp how to best organize it. I think I have it now baby! Think of this home page like a filing cabinet, maybe bookmark it? This cabinet holds everything Brazilian jiu-jitsu related that I have written about or am trying to sell you.

Every visitor that comes here, each comment, each person that reads something, they all matter. Why does everyone matter? Because even if you find my writing crap or the topics garbage, at least we have sparked a thought which could lead to a discussion or change in the sport. Even moreso because the bjj community is relatively small, we all can learn from each other.

bjjI don’t want this bjj site to just stick to the same old rehashed topics, I want to provoke and promote thought and discussion. Of course being a site kind of dedicated to fighting and martial arts, I’m going to put up posts about cauliflower ear and Muay Thai. However there are posts about sneaky techniques such as how to finish a takedown and how to create immense pressure, as well as gossipy stuff that I know is what you all really want.

With that, check out the sizzite. Over in the right sidebar you’ll see me (click here to learn even more,) some social sharing buttons, but more importantly, the categories and posts. Use the drop down menu or select one of the most read pieces. You can use those to navigate around or to return home, click the big doyoubjj.com logo in the upper left of your screen. Or you can just scroll down and check out the posts.

Some of the categories include: bjj of course, techniques, gis and reviews, dvd reviews, training methods. Currently I have close to 100 pages of content and will be updating. Read away.

Let’s learn and evolve our bjj games together my brothers and sisters.


  1. Great looking website! Very professional looking. This actually looks better than what I had when I first started out!

    • What are you talking about? Your site is full of stuff I can’t even pronounce man. You have gone way over my head with the nutrition. Your lingo is the equivalent of a bjj black belt. I see you got to train with Babalu, what is your home gym?

  2. Currently don’t have a home gym since I’ve been on the road so much. Most regular gym I train at is Gracie Humaita Cleveland…

    but moving soon, so I think my new home gym will be 50/50 in VA.

    • 50/50 gym is probably considered one of the best gyms in the country. Be kind of hard to go wrong with that decision. Please just don’t actually play 50/50 for longer than 30 seconds ha ha. Cannot stand to watch footsies.

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